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The VIII International Conference of Practical Marketing «Wine & Spirit Marketing Expert» was held on the 1st of November, 2012 within the framework of International Specialized Exhibition «WinExpo Ukraine» in Kiev city.

Migel Servantes de Saavedra said: «Experience is the best teacher in any science and in any art». The leading experts shared their experience in the internet-advertisement and wine marketing during 10 performances. 

Work experience of the leading marketing experts of TM«Shustov», «Oreanda», ТМ «Zolotaya Balka»; practical suggestions that concern the promotion of the wine markets drawing on the example of Kiev («Polyana») and Minsk («O'Yes») wine markets; knowledge in the field of the internet advertizing of the alcohol and promotion of the alcoholic products internet shop– the participants had the opportunity to discover all that and much more at the conference.

The representatives of the Production and Trading Wine Company “Shabo”, representatives of Trading Company “VINFORT” and Trading House “Polyakov” as well as representatives of the wine markets network “WineTime” participated at the Conference. Additionally, the participants of the Conference were foreign guests including representatives of the Brest Liquor Producer “BelAlko” (Belarus), Design Agency "Etiketka" (Republic of Moldova), OOO “Ama-Don” (Russia) and others.

The Conference launched from the report by Alexander Fomin, project director of the company grouping “AD|LABS”, “Promotion of the Spirits Internet Shop”, this report concerned mistakes and problems of the promotion drawing on the examples of the wine internet shops in Russia.

Aleksey Ivanov, creative director of the agency «CB TERRITORY» held presentation titled «Tools of PR and Marketing for the Wine Branch of Industry» that touched upon the issues of the spirits advertisement drawing on the examples of the domestic and foreign producers including examples of the wine culture centre “Shabo”. 

Christo Kaftandjiev, doctor of marketing communications and semiotics, doctor of philological sciences and professor of the Department of Journalism of Sofia University (Bulgaria) delivered the report titled «Marketing Communications of the Premium Alcohol». Famous scientist, author of six books on advertisement drawing on the numerous examples told about prerequisites of the efficient and profitable advertisement of the spirits. 

Topics «Promotion of the Wine Brand in the Social Mass Media» drawing on the example of ТМ «Guliev Wines» was covered by Aleksey Marek being the account manager of the company Netpeak. Yevgeniy Shevchenko, founder and director of IMA «UaMaster» , sustained the actual topic in his report «Internet Advertizing for the Spirits Brands» having mentioning the opportunities and legislative limits of the online advertizing. 

«Why are the wine markets successful and why aren’t they successful ?» This issue was touched upon by Sergey Goronovych, proprietor and creative director of «Tifantis Van Winner Consulting Ukraine» drawing on the example of the network of Kiev wine markets “Polyana” and Minsk wine markets “O'Yes”. 

Sergey Mazur, general director of wine trading company «Vitis Group», delivered the report about the new internet project containing full information about the wines and producers that aimed at assisting in selecting the wines correctly for each day and special events. 

Anna Goloviznina-Syrinskaya, head of the marketing department of КF ООО «Zolotaya Balka» delivered report dedicated to the problem of digital assistance to the establishment of the relations with the consumer and sales stimulation drawing on the example of own trade, thus the report drawn up jointly with Anna Chuprina, account director of the digital agency of the full Cycle «Qmedia» was nominated «Digital in Assistance or How to Promptly to Do the Outflow from the Shelf».

Yelizaveta Krivsha, junior brand manager of TM “Shustov”, Oreanda (Holding Company Global Spirits) developed the topic titled "Naturalness of the Product and Classic Technologies of the Production as the Basis of the Cognac and Wine Brands Positioning (drawing on the example of TM “Shustov” and Oreanda)".

The Conference revealed the secrets of the spirits promotion in the internet and raised the issues of the spirits advertizing as a whole, inspired the participants to continue the self-perfection and gain professional experience. The next unique Conference titled «Wine & Spirit Marketing Expertis is expected to be advanced, interesting, actual and applicable event. 


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