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II Contest of the Best Literary Works for Children Korneychukovsky Award



Regulations of the II Contest

of the Best Literary Works for Children

«Korneychukovsky Award»



Contest is devoted to the memory of the prominent children’s writer Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky (Nikolay Vasilyevich Korneychukov) who was born in Odessa city.

«Korneychukovsky Award» is the contest of the best compositions for children that have not been published earlier.

Contest is the principal event of the 1st Odessa Korneychukovsky Festival of Children’s Literature to take place within the17th International Book Exhibition-Fair «Green Wave». 

Reception of authors’ books will be held on October 1, 2013 - May 1, 2014. 


1. General Conditions

1.1. Present Regulation specifies principal objectives, order and peculiarities of holding the Contest of the Best Literary Works for Children «Korneychukovsky Award» (hereinafter referred to as “Contest”).

1.2. The contest was established by Odessa Regional Council and NGO “Agency of Regional Development”. 

1.3. Organizers of the Contest were Odessa Regional Council and NGO “Agency of Regional Development”.

1.4. Organizers constitute Steering Committee of the Contest (hereinafter referred to as “Steering Committee”).

1.5. Steering Committee provide:

  • equal conditions for all participants of the Contest, publicity in holding the Contest ;
  • non-disclosure of the information about the results of the Contest before the date of its official announcement.

1.6. Functions of Steering Committee:

  • drawing up of the documents for holding the Contest; 
  • conduction of the Contest events; 
  • organization of the winners awarding;
  • coverage of the Contest results in the internet and mass media.

1.7. Organizers form the jury of the Contest

2. Objectives and Goals of the Contest

  • determination of new talented authors writing for children;
  • creation of conditions for development of creative potential of children’s writers;
  • promotion of the authors’ creative works participating in the Contest;
  • arousing of the readers’ and public interest to children’s literature.

3. Conditions of holding the Contest

3.1. The books for children written be the Ukrainian authors in Ukrainian and Russian languages that have been unpublished before shall be admitted for participating in the Contest.

3.2. Reception of books shall be held on October 1, 2013 - May 1, 2014.

3.3. Only authors being over 18-year old can participate in the Contest.

3.4. Steering Committee of the Contest shall be entitled not to consider the contest works that do not comply with the requirements of the Contest without entering into correspondence and explaining the reasons of rejection. The works shall not be edited and reviewed.

3.5. Winners of the Contest will be defined by the jury.

3.6. Jury of the Contest shall evaluate the authors’ books in compliance with the criteria listed in item 3.7.

3.7. Criteria of the books evaluation:

  • compliance with the genre and style;
  • originality of the author and creative solutions;
  • idea and spiritual content of the contest books;
  • literacy of account, adherence to rules of Ukrainian and Russian languages. 

4. Requirements to the contest works.

4.1. The books written by co-authors.

4.2. Contest work shall be submitted in the following nominations:

Prose for younger children (no more than 160 000 characters);

Prose for older children and youth (no more than 240 000 characters);

Poetry for children (no more than 1 000 lines);

The script children's film (no more than 2 500 lines).

4.3. Contest work shall be sent by e-mail: in@expodessa.od.ua - word processor icrosoft Office Word, font Times New Roman, 14 font size, interval – 1.

4.4. Concise CV and photo of the author shall be attached to the contest work (no more than 300 kb and with the dimensions of no more than 600800 pixel).

4.5. Submission of the request for participation in the Contest shall confirm the agreement for free transferring of non-exclusive rights for publication of literary work (literary works) in the book issued according to the results of the Contest. 

4.6. The works containing extremisms, violations, nationalisms and coarse language.

5. Summing up the Results of the Contest

5.1. Results of the Contest shall be summarized at the end of the term specified. Based upon the analysis of the submitted materials Jury shall summarize the results and define the finalists of the Contest.

5.2. Surnames of the finalists included in the short lists of the Contest shall be posted on the websites of Odessa Regional Council and International Book Exhibition «Green Wave»www.expodessa.com/english/books/events on the 1st of June, 2014, short lists including the surnames of the winners shall be posted on the 11th of August, 2014. 

5.3. Upon the results of the Contest winners in each nomination shall be defined and announced at 17th International Book Exhibition-Fair «Green Wave». Organizers shall cover the expenses of accommodation and meals for winners coming from the other cities and ranking the first, second and third places in each nomination.

6. Awarding of the Contest Winners

6.1. Participants ranking the first places in each nomination shall be awarded by diplomas, memorable statuette or shall be provided with money award in amount of 10 000 UAH. (ten thousand hryvnas).

6.2. The works of the winners shall be published in the book issued by the organizers of the Contest. By the decision of the jury the best literary works having ranked the second and third places might be included in the book.

6.3. Participants of the Contest ranking the second and third places in the Contest shall be granted diplomas and money award: 5 000 UAH for the second place. (five thousand hryvnas), 3 000 UAH for the third place. (three thousand hryvnas).

6.4. All amounts of awards shall include the taxes and dues established by the legislation of Ukraine in force.



Ukraine , 65044, Odessa, 3, Pirogovskaya street, office 83

tel/fax: +38 (048) 777-60-68, 728-60-68

Contest coordinator – Irina Nazarova

mail: in@expodessa.od.ua

web: www.expodessa.com/english/books/events

Webpage of exhibition in Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/greenwaveodessa

Group of Vkontakt: http://vk.com/greenwaveod




      Odessa Regional Council



NGO «Agency of Regional Development»